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Children are often hyperactive and love exercise, play, sports, etc. When exercising for a long time, the body will excrete a lot of sweat to cool the body, and it will also cause dehydration in children. So how to properly rehydrate children, let's learn with Pocari through the following article.

1. The role of water in the body when playing sports

Body water, also known as body fluid (including water and essential ions) makes up 65% of a child's body weight. Body fluids help regulate body temperature, lubricate joints, and help transport nutrients for energy and health. When playing sports, body fluids are lost through sweating. And if they're not adequately rehydrated, they'll experience fatigue, cramps, dizziness, or other more severe symptoms.

2. Proper rehydration for children when playing sports.

To avoid dehydration when playing sports, make sure your child drinks water before, during, and after practice or competition.

When exercising vigorously or sweating, children from 9 -12 years old should drink 30-240 ml of water every 20 minutes, teenagers should add 1020-1500 ml of water per hour of activity. Even if it's just playing in the park, not doing intense physical activity like playing sports, but if your child is sweating, make sure they're well hydrated.

Just drinking filtered water is not enough because filtered water does not help replenish the amount of important ions in the body that have been lost in the child's body when playing sports.

According to a study by the Japan Association of Physical Education on the topic "How to prevent heatstroke when participating in sports activities", if we exercise for more than 1 hour, the drinks Contains 4% to 8% of sugar not only helps us prevent heat stroke symptoms but also effectively rehydrates the body.

Pocari Sweat is the right rehydration solution for children when playing sports with its fast-acting and 2.2 times more effective than normal water! Pocari has a composition of water and ions similar to body fluids, accurately compensates for the amount of water and ions needed, helping your baby's body quickly return to equilibrium. In particular, Pocari also meets the criterion "5 NO - GOOD FOR HEALTH" - No Gaz, No Caffeine, No Chemical Sugars, No Preservatives, No Colorants.

Please use Pocari Sweat to rehydrate children when playing sports.

Note: Pocari Sweat ion supply drink is suitable for kids older than 1 year old who have been weaned children with normal health condition. For people with diseases of abstaining from sugar and salt, please consult with a doctor or medical expert concerning the dosage of Pocari Sweat when combined with eating and drinking habits.


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